Alternative Way to Register Cube-IQ

Alternative Way to Register Cube-IQ

If you are having trouble opening the Registration Dialog in Cube-IQ there is an alternative way to create a registration code/id.

To do this you will need to locate the Cube-IQ installation folder and run 'Register.exe'. You will then be provided with a registration id/code which you can send to We will then send over your license key.

Steps to follow:

1. In the Cube-IQ installation folder (usually located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Cube-IQ5) you will find a file called 'Register.exe'  
2. Double click on 'Register.exe' and it will open a Product Registration window with a code. [see image below]
2. Send that code to, and leave the Register program open.
3. We will send back a licence key code that you can paste in the licence key window. 


This should then complete the activation for you and you can now run Cube-IQ.

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