Cube-IQ: Loading by Set

Cube-IQ: Loading by Set

If you have a requirement to load a group of articles or items which must be kept in exact proportional quantities, you can use Cube-IQ's 'treat groups as sets' feature. You will note that multiple sets can be defined in this way, and Cube-IQ will find the optimal fill for the container across all products.

1. In the Load Setup screen, assign the same group number to each item which is part of the same set. (If the Grp column is not visible in your grid, right-click in the grid, choose Customise Grid->Select Visible Columns and drag it in)

If you also have items in the load which are not part of a set, leave the Grp column blank.

2. Assign large loading quantities to each item, and make sure the quantity reflects the ratio between each item. For example, here we want to load exactly one dining table, two arm chairs and four standard chairs multiple times. Similarly for the bed set, we want to load a headboard, a footboard and two rails, mulitple times, and overall load as many items as possible:

3. In the Loading Rules tab, check the box labeled 'Treat Groups as Sets':

4. Click Optimize and Cube-iQ will do the the rest for you. Here are the results for our example. As you can see, each item is loaded in the correct ratio with its other set members, and the overall loading is extremely efficient:

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