How to Change the Units of Your Database in Cube-IQ

How to Change the Units of Your Database in Cube-IQ


Cube-IQ allows you to change the units of your database without disrupting your loads, products and containers. All dimensions will be automatically converted to your preferred units. 

How to change your database units

Select the Options from the Main Window Controls. From the Defaults tab, navigate to the "Units" subsection. Here, you can specify what units you would like your database to be changed to. You can use the dropdown menu to specify your length, volume and weight units. The radio buttons can conveniently set the dropdown menu quickly to imperial or metric units. 

Once you are satisfied with your units, click the "Convert all data" button. Confirm your selection when the message window opens, and click "Yes". 

When a second pop up message opens, once you are ready to convert your data, click "Convert". Please note that depending on the size of your database, this process may take a few minutes. The progress bar can help you determine the approximate time the conversion will take. 

Once the process is complete, a message will pop to inform you of its completion. Click "OK", and close the conversion progress window as well. 

Your database is now converted to your selected units. Below is an example showing a single container before and after converting between metric to imperial units. All of the dimensions were automatically converted to their equivalent values:



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