How to consolidate loads into one load

How to consolidate loads into one load

Cube-IQ can collect several loads into one consolidated load.

Here are three orders of cans, dairy, and fruits; each in their own load. However, all products need to be loaded and optimized in one consolidated load.

All products above encircled in red can be consolidated into one load.

Consolidate and combine loads into one load using Cube-IQ's "Collate Loads" command.

To consolidate loads: 1) click top left menu item, 2) click Loads in left panel, 3) click Collate Loads icon, 4) highlight the loads to consolidate, 5) click the Consolidate Selected button, and 6) click OK after entering a name for new consolidated load

Here is the new combined load (before optimizing) of cans, fruits, and dairy products from the selected loads above after clicking OK.


The "Collate Loads" command will not delete collected loads after the command is run.

Selected loads for consolidation will continue to be available as individual loads, and can still be opened, modified, and re-optimized.

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