How to Limit the Total Value/Cost of Loaded Items

How to Limit the Total Value/Cost of Loaded Items


It is possible to limit the total cost of loaded items into a container using Cube-IQ. With this, the value of the products loaded will not exceed the maximum allowable value of goods in the container. 

Let the software show the Client Specific Data

Select the Options tab from the Main Window Controls. Under the General tab, ensure that the "Client Specific Data" checkbox is selected in the "Let the software show..." section. 

Add a value to each product

Navigate to the Products tab from the Main Window Controls. Select the Client Specific tab, and enter the monetary or insurance value of the product in the "Value" field. 

Set the maximum total loaded value of a container

Navigate to the Containers tab under from the Main Window Controls. Select the Data tab, and enter a value in the "Maximum total loaded value" field, found in the "Advanced" section. Please note that 9999999/2 is the limit for this setting. Any higher maximum total loaded value will not get applied, and the products will be loaded without taking the limit into account. 

Optimize your load

Ensure you optimize your load after making these changes. Now, the value of the products loaded will not exceed the maximum value for the container. 

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