Set Up a Shared Database

Set Up a Shared Database

1. Set up your shared drive on the server via a drive letter (let's say T:\Cube-IQ) - it does need to be the same for everyone otherwise the database locking fails. Please make sure your users can read/write/delete in that folder and sub-folders.

2. Install the software on your client PC(s) if you have not already done so.

3. Before running the client, copy the folders from c:\ProgramData\Cube-IQ5 (there are 3 subfolders called CFG, DATA and DOCS) into your T:\Cube-IQ folder.

(3a. if you are using a PC that has/had Cube-IQ installed, rename (or even delete) the Cube-IQ5 folder in ProgramData after the data copy. This is to make sure that step 4 will work.).

4. Run Cube-IQ -

It will ask where to find the config file. This would be:

Then is will ask for the data folder. This would be:

It will remember those settings for next time.

For the remaining Cube-IQ installations that need the same shared database, simply repeat steps 2, 3, 4 (except step 3 you can simply delete those folders/files from the client PC if they're already on your server - the key is to make sure the client software cannot find them so it has to ask you where they are).

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