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            CUBE-IQ V5.X: Flexi Data Import Products & Containers

            1. Click on the "System Menu" icon in the top left.


            2. Click on, "Import & Export"

            3. Click on, "Import Containers or Products from CSV/Excel"

            4. The "Flexi Data Import" window opens. Click on "Import Products", or "Import Containers" from the drop down menu and then select "Open File" to locate your import file and click "Open"

            5. The "Flexi Data Import" window will populate with your data. Expand the maximize window to ensure that  all columns can be seen. 

            [TIP: It is a recommended that when the data is initially created for import, that the first row has a label for the columns. You can see this has been done in the image above.]

            Each column requires a data field mapping. With the above example, in "column A" we click the drop arrow and select "Product ID" to assign the data a context. In "column B" we we click on the arrow to the right of "Skip" and select "Length". In the other columns assign the data a context. In "Column L" it contains no data, we can leave it as the default "Skip" and it won't be imported.
            Once the columns are assigned, or skipped then click, "Begin Import" [located top right of the window].

            On occasion the import may warn you of errors, which is usually related to data incorrectly entered in the import file.

            Once the date has imported click "OK". and click close to return to Cube-IQ. 

            5. Click on "Products" on the ribbon bar and then "Overview" to a list see the products imported.

            Clicking on "Details" on the ribbon bar will return a view of individual products.
            Updated: 07 May 2019 11:38 AM
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