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            Register a License or Trial Reset

            Delivery of Cube-IQ is via a download. Install the trial version first, as you may already have done.

            Once you have decided to continue with Cube-IQ and we have received payment, the steps to get an Activation Code are:

            1. If the software does not show the Registration screen, go to the main Help menu (on leftmost main tab), Help & Registration and click Register.

            2. Enter your company name (brief version will do), and click the Create Code button,

            3. Paste the Code into an email (it is in the Windows Clipboard after step 2) to

              Please do not send just a screen shot

              We will then email back the Activation Code for your computer.

            4. Copy the Activation Code into the Help/Registration screen, and click the Register button.

            The Registration Code will be different each time, so do not worry if it seems to have changed. The Activation Code will remain the same.

            If your trial has expired, follow the same steps as above. please DO NOT uninstall the software, we will email you a trial reset code.


            Updated: 11 Oct 2019 06:59 AM
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