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            Working with Folders

            Cube-IQ has a complete folder structure available to help you organize your Loads into meaningful groups. For example you may wish to collect together all Loads for one Customer, or perhaps organize them by date.

            Viewing Your Folders

            To view your folders, toggle open the Data Tree using the button (1)
            Any existing folders are listed at the top, under the Loads node (2)
            In this example we have two folders using a simple date naming convention (3)

            Creating Folders

            To create a new folder simply right-click on the Loads node to get a pop-up menu (1)
            Choose 'Loads: Create Folder' (2)

            A new folder name will appear and can be edited to change its name. Once created, the folder will pop to the top of the list (Folders are always shown at the top)

            Adding / Removing Loads in Folders

            To add or remove a Load in a folder you can simply click and drag the Load name into (or out of) the Folder.

            You can also add or remove a Load from a folder from the Load Data tab (1)

            It is even possible to type a new Folder name into the field (2) and have the folder get created automatically. The new folder will appear in the tree after a few moments.

            Updated: 23 Jul 2019 03:48 AM
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